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No 2.46... Who - Me?

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Finished 1-11-99

Medium: Acrylic on reinforced hardboard with integral painted frame.

Size H36in  W48in (H91cm x W122cm)

Price 2,000 or $2800

This is a 3D painting.  The pink area is a background wall.  Is it a painting or a sculpture??  I hang it on  my wall so it is a painting.

You could also call it "The destructive Force of Pollution" or if the mood grabs you  "One Good Stands Firm Against All the Power of Evil"  Or as some less perceptive people have said: "It looks like a few bits of wood stuck on a board and messed up with paint"

I like the title "Who - Me?":  it encapsulates naivety, defiance, humour and courage.

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