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Index of Margaret Paintings and Photographs

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The series of Margaret photos and paintings is only for sale as a complete collection

2.18.... Margaret Study 1 V.1 Feeling Very Good

H48in   W35in      Self Framed

wpe2.jpg (4128 bytes)
3.97...   Margaret Feeling Very Good Study 1 V.2

H50in X W37.5in      Self framed

wpe16.jpg (1970 bytes)
3.98...   Margaret Feeling Very Good Study 1 V.3 Abstract

H48in X W29.5in    Self framed

wpe18.jpg (1621 bytes)
3.88...  Margaret Feeling Together Study 2 V.1

H33in x W23in     self framed

wpe16.jpg (1890 bytes)
3.92... Margaret Feeling Together S2 V.3

H36in x W48in      self framed  

wpe1D.jpg (3495 bytes)
3.90...  Margaret Feeling Together Study 2 V.2 Abstract

H37.5in x W35.5in      self framed  

wpe1B.jpg (2474 bytes)
3.80...  Margaret Feeling Cheeky 3 V.3 figurative

H31in x W21in           self framed


wpe7.jpg (2895 bytes)
3.73...    Margaret Feeling Cheeky Study 3 V.2 Semi Figurative

H39in x W37in     Self framed

wpeB.jpg (2465 bytes)
3.72...  Margaret Feeling Cheeky Study 3 V.1

H26in  x W37.75in      Self framed

wpe7.jpg (2105 bytes)

3.57...    Margaret Feeling Refined  Study 4 V.4 Figurative

H37.5in x W28.5in      Self Framed

wpe9.jpg (2055 bytes)

3.30...  Margaret Feeling Refined Study 4 V.1

H37.5in x W21.75in     Self Framed

wpe8.jpg (1590 bytes)
3.34...  Margaret Feeling Refined - Study 4 V.2     Abstract Mood

W31.5in x H39.5in  


wpe4.jpg (2900 bytes)
3.49...   Margaret Feeling Refined Study 4 V.3 Geometrical

H34in x W27in         self framed 


wpe10.jpg (1384 bytes)
3.09... Margaret Feeling Liberated Study No 5 V.2

  H26.5in x W37.5in       Self Framed

wpe3.jpg (3162 bytes)
3.06... Margaret Feeling Liberated No 5 V.1

H23.5in x W33in      Self Framed

wpe8.jpg (2624 bytes)
3.99...   Marg Liberated Study 5 V.3

H32in X W44in      Self framed

wpeE.jpg (2034 bytes)
2.76... Margaret Study 6 V.2  Semi Realistic Day Dreaming

H36in   W30in       Self Framed

wpe11.jpg (1424 bytes)
2.75..  Margaret Study 6  V.1 Day Dreaming - Abstract

H33in  W48.5in        Self Framed

wpeA.jpg (2725 bytes)

2.16.... Margaret Study 7 V.1 In a Blue Mood

H48in   W36in       Self Framed


2.84... Study No 7 V.2 Margaret in a Calm Blue Mood

H36in   W28in          Self Framed

wpe10.jpg (1445 bytes)
4.06...   Marg in a Calm Blue Mood Study 7 V.3 Abstract

H30in X W36in   

wpe12.jpg (2178 bytes)
2.73...  Margaret Study No 8 V.1 Feeling Fragile

H31in  W21.5in        Self Framed


wpeB.jpg (1955 bytes)
4.02...   Margaret Feeling Fragile Study 8 V.5 Impression

H33in X W24in 

wpeE.jpg (1631 bytes)
4.01...   Marg Feeling Fragile Study 8 V.4 (Abstract again)

H30.75in X Win      Self framed

wpe12.jpg (1890 bytes)
3.15...  Margaret Feeling Fragile (Geometrical) Study 8 V.3

H37.5in x W26.5in        Self Framed

wpe5.jpg (1861 bytes)

2.79  Margaret Study No 8 V.2 Feeling Fragile (Abstract )

H24in  W15in        Self Framed

wpe4.jpg (1480 bytes)
3.13...  Margaret Study 9 V..3  In a Stormy Calm figurative

H37.75in x W32.75in      Self Framed

wpe1.jpg (3245 bytes)
2.69... Margaret Study 9 V.1  The Calm Before the Storm

H24in  W18in        Self Framed

wpe3.jpg (1630 bytes)
3.11 Margaret Study 9 V.2 In a Stormy Calm.

H37.75in x W32.75in      Self Framed

wpe3.jpg (2249 bytes)
4.02 Margaret Feeling Contented Study 10 V3

H32.75in X W23.75in      Self framed

wpeB.jpg (2219 bytes)
3.94...  Margaret Feeling Contented Study 10 V.1

H48in x W30in     Self Framed

wpe21.jpg (1818 bytes)
3.95...  Margaret Feeling Contented 10 V.2

H18.75in x W31in      Self Framed

wpe24.jpg (2419 bytes)
3.70...    Marg Feeling Gentle 11 V.3 Figurative

H31in x W 21.5in       self framed

wpe7.jpg (2522 bytes)
3.58...    Margaret Feeling Gentle Study 11 V.1

H33in x W24in       self Framed

wpe7.jpg (1703 bytes)
3.67... Marg Feeling Gentle - Geometrical 11 V.2

H27in x W37.5in   Price  

wpe7.jpg (2093 bytes)
3.85...   Margaret Feeling Aggressive 12 V.3

H30in x W21.5in       self framed

wpe12.jpg (2023 bytes)
3.77 Margaret Feeling Aggressive Study 12 V.2 Semi Figurative

H36in x W30in      Self framed

wpe17.jpg (2130 bytes)

3.76...   Margaret Feeling Aggressive Study 12 V.1

H36in x W30in         Self framed

wpe15.jpg (1547 bytes)
3.25...  Margaret Study 13 V.2 Feeling Opressed Figurative

H37.5in x W25.75in      Self Framed

wpe8.jpg (2302 bytes)

3.21... Margaret Study 13 V.1  Feeling Opressed

H44in x W24in        Self framed


wpe4.jpg (2900 bytes)
407...  Margaret Feeling Opressed Study 13 V.3 Abstract

H37.75in X W31in    

wpeB.jpg (1815 bytes)

2.80...  Margaret Study 14 V.2 Figurative: "Trapped in a Deptession"

H36in   W24in       Self Framed

wpe4.jpg (1696 bytes)
4.04...    Marg In A Depression Study 14 V.3

H24in X W36in   

wpeB.jpg (2297 bytes)

2.78...  Margaret Study 14 V.1 Trapped in a Depression (Abstract)

H31in   W21.5in         Self Framed

wpe5.jpg (1448 bytes)

4.05...    Margaret Feeling Shit - Figurative Study 15 V.4

Size:  H36in X W24in   

wpeB.jpg (2469 bytes)
2.74... Margaret Study 15 V.1 Feeling Shit

H33in W24in      Self Framed

wpeB.jpg (1703 bytes)

3.14...  Margaret in a Shit Mood Study 15 V.2

H37.5in x W26in       Self Framed    

wpe1.jpg (2436 bytes)
2.82... Margaret Study 15 V.3 Feeling Shit - Abstract

H30in  W21.5in        Self Framed

wpeD.jpg (1882 bytes)
4.08...  Woe is Me, Study 16 V.4 Figurative

H28in X W60in

wpe17.jpg (3644 bytes)
2.72... Margaret Study 16 V.1 Woe Is Me

H26in  W72in       Self Framed

wpe9.jpg (1965 bytes)
3.62 Margaret - Woe Is Me Study 16 V.3

H37.5in x      Self Framed

wpeA.jpg (3347 bytes)
3.17... Margaret: Woe Is Me -  Impression (Geometrical) Study 16 V.2

H30in x W48in          Self Framed    

wpeA.jpg (2603 bytes)
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