INDEX 9: Painting numbers 3.70 and newer from October 2003

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443...   Audrey Hepburn Semi Abstract Impression V1   Price £500

H37.75in x W37.75 (96cm x 96cm)  Acrylic on Plywood

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442...   Who Killed Cock Robin   Price £100

H18.25in x W22.25in (46.5cm x 56.5cm)  Acrylic on Canvas

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441...   John Booth - Abstract   Price £300

H26in x W40 in  (66cm x 102cm)   Acrylic on Plywood   27-07-04

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440...   Frank Sinatra Crooningl - Abstract    £500

H 54in x W30in max (137cm x 76cm)  Acrylic on Canvas  27-07-04

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439...  Frank Sinatra Reflecting              Price£500

H42.5in x W34.75in  (108cm x 88cm)  Acrylic on Plywood  09-07-04

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438...  The Mysterious Birth of a Wellington Boot   Price   £1500

H25in x W49in  3D  63.5cm x 124.5cm) painting using acrylic paint, gypsum,wire,         rubber, cloth, sawdust, paper, sacking on plywood  27-06-04

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437...  The Lonely Death of a Wellington Boot   Price £1500

H36in (max) x W54in (max) (91.5cm x 137cm)   3D painting using Acrylic paint, sacking, paper, rubber, metal, sawdust, polystyrene, soil & wood on plywood  29-06-04

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436... Madeiran Peasant Farmer & Gwen.   Price  £2000

H36in x W48in (92cm x 100cm)  Acrylic on Plywood   17-06-04

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435... IS THERE ANYONE ON THE 5TH FLOOR?  Price £350

Wood, Plastic, Metal, Tile adhesive, Acrylic paint & Paper on plywood

H24in x W32in (61cm x 81cm)  3D painting  01-05-04

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434...   Sunset Over Loch Scavaig (Isle of Skye)  Price £275 SOLD

H37.5in x W41in   (95cm x 104cm)  Acrylics & tile adhesive on plywood  22-04-04

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433... Winter Sunset With Tree  Price £300                  SOLD

H37in x W48in  (81cm x 120cm)   Acrylics & tile adhesive on plywood  16-04-04

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432...   Pastel Poppies & Rectangles  Price £200

H48in x W25in (120cm x 64cm)  Acrylic paint & tile adhesive on plywood  04-04-04

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431... Lilium Stargazer   Price £800  SOLD Inspired by Pamela Comerford

H39.3in x W70.5in (100cm x 179cm)  Acrylic paint on Plywood  26-03-04

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430...   Loving Lesbians.    Price £200

H20in x W30in (51cm x 76cm) Acrylic, Pottery and Polyfilla  07-03-04

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429...   Atlantic Sunset.  inspired by Sean Mullins  Price £550    SOLD

H48in x W60in (120cm x 152cm) Acrylic & coving adhesive on plywood  06-03-04

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428...   Irish Sunset V.1.    Price £250                 SOLD

H 36in x W48in (92cm x 120cm) Acrylic on Plywood  12--2-04

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4.27...   It's a Hot Day at the Seaside V.2.  Price £150

H20in x W30in  (51cm x 76cm) Acrylic on Canvas  10-02-04

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4.26...   It's a Hot Day at the Seaside V.1.  Price £150

H20in x W30in  (51cm x 76cm) Acrylic on Canvas  07-02-04

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4.25..   Tulip Abstract V.2.   Price £100          SOLD TO Craig

H20in x W20in  (51cm x 51cm)  Acrylic on Canvas 07-02-04

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4.24...   Tulip Abstract V.1.    Price  £100

H20in x W16in  (51cm x 41cm) Acrylic on Canvas  04-02-04

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4.23... Roofs Over Sirmione   Price £3000

H48in x W66in (120cm x 168cm)  Acrylic on plywood 01-02-04

Roofs Detailwpe17.jpg (31265 bytes) wpe16.jpg (32797 bytes)
4.22...   Geometrical Still Life V.5   Price  £175

H26in x W40in  (66cm x 102cm)  Acrylic on Plywood  20-01-04

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4.21...   Geometrical Still Life V.4   Price £100

H18in x W24in (46cm x 61cm)   Acrylic on Canvas  15-01-04

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4.20...   Geometrical Still Life V.3  Price £100

H19in x W 19in (48cm x 48cm)   acrylic on Canvas  10-01-04

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4.19...   Geometrical Still Life V.2  Price £125

H24in x W24in (61cm x 61cm)   Acrylic on canvas   5-01-04 

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4.18... Geometrical Still Life V.1   Price £125

H24IN X w24IN (61cm x 61cm)   Acrylic on Canvas   2-01-04

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4.17...   Looking Through the Grass    Price £300  SOLD to J Lyons

H32in x W48in   (81cm x 120cm)   Acrylic on Plywood

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4.16...   Golden Walls      Price  £50

H12in x W24in  (30cm x 61cm)  Acrylic on Canvas

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4.15...   Pink Sky     Price  £200

H27in x W37.75in  (69cm x 96cm)  Acrylic on Plywood

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4.14...   Flashes of Salmon    Price  £200

H26in x W37.75in  (66cm x 96cm)   Acrylic on Plywood

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4.13...   Turquoise Light    Price £200

H26in x W37.75in  (66cm x 96cm)   Acrylic on plywood

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4.12...   Dripping Lilac      Price £100

H18.5in x W22.5in (47cm x 57cm)   Acrylic on canvas board

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4.11...   Portrait of a Technical Nerd        Price £150

H22.5in x W25.5in (57cm x 65cm) Wood & acrylic on canvas

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4.10...   Stormy Sunset       Price £50     SOLD

H13in x W22.5in (33cm x 57cm)  Acrylic on Plywood

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4.09...   Landscape With Yellow Sun      Price £250

H24in x W36in (61cm x 92cm). Acrylic & hessian on plywood

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